Lady Godiva


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“Lady Godiva was a noble dame
Who’s strength and love brought her great acclaim.

A female defender of the oppressed
Rode through town, only flowers she dressed.

She won her battle. A sight to enthrall
With style and grace she was loved by all.

This story I tell has reason, of course,
It’s not for an ostrich or even a horse.

It’s about women and their souls within,
Seeking a voice in this world full of sin.

These are mothers, daughters and wives
Filled with ideas that can change our lives.

So, ride Lady ride. Stand up for your rights,
Your morals and ethics are just in our sights.”

-Paul Lotz

“Lady Godiva” by Paul Lotz is a bronze sculpture that reimagines the legendary figure of nobility and protest in a fantasy context. The sculpture presents a graceful female figure, evocative of the historical Lady Godiva, who is said to have ridden through the streets to alleviate the taxation of her people.

In Lotz’s artistic interpretation, Lady Godiva is perched side-saddle on a whimsical creature that blends avian and equine features, perhaps symbolizing the original horse from the tale. The figure of Godiva is adorned with flowing hair and delicate flowers, enhancing her ethereal and noble demeanor.

The attention to detail in the sculpture is meticulous — from the individual feathers on the creature’s body to the serene expression on Lady Godiva’s face. The patina technique used on the bronze gives depth and life to the textures, making feathers, fur, and skin almost tangible.

This sculpture by Paul Lotz stands out for its creative blend of myth and fantasy, capturing the essence of the Lady Godiva legend while adding a touch of the artist’s unique style. It would make an exquisite addition to any collection, offering a piece of history reimagined through the lens of magical realism.