Secret Beach


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This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

“Secret Beach” by Michael Flohr is an original oil on paper that evokes the serene and clandestine charm of a secluded lakeside. This piece is defined by its rich, bold strokes of blue that dominate the composition, contrasted with gentle touches of green and yellow suggesting a hidden shoreline caressed by gentle waves. The horizon is lined with silhouetted trees, their forms reflecting softly in the tranquil waters, creating a symphony of color and texture. The use of light and shadow captures the unique tranquility of a secret retreat, untouched and only whispered about among those who seek solace away from the bustling world. This painting is a celebration of nature’s secluded nooks and the peaceful solitude they offer. It is a perfect acquisition for collectors who are drawn to landscapes that not only depict a scene but also tell the story of hidden gems awaiting discovery.