Midnight Libation


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This Original artwork will include complimentary shipping within the Continental U.S. and includes framing.

“Midnight Libation” by Michael Flohr is an entrancing original oil on canvas that invites viewers into an intimate nocturnal setting. The painting is a perfect fusion of abstract expressionism and realism, measuring at a tall and slim size that echoes the elegance of the subject it portrays.

Flohr’s composition is centered around the timeless sophistication of a martini, with its iconic glass catching the light, set against a backdrop of deep, resonant blues and purples that suggest the velvety hues of the late night hours. Two vibrant green olives rest at the bottom of the glass, providing a striking contrast to the rich, dark tones and the ethereal spill of light cascading down from the glass’s stem.

The artist employs a liberal application of paint, creating a textured surface that reflects the dynamic and fluid energy of nightlife. Brushstrokes dance across the canvas, much like the lights and shadows play across a bar’s interior, lending a sense of movement and mystery to the piece.

“Midnight Libation” is more than a still life; it’s a snapshot of a moment suspended in time, a celebration of the rituals that define our evening escapades. The artwork will undoubtedly appeal to those with a taste for the nocturne and the refined, to collectors who seek to capture the essence of luxury and the intimate pleasure of a drink savored in solitude or shared in quiet company.

This piece would make a dramatic and sophisticated statement in any private collection, dining establishment, or social space, serving as a beacon of elegance and an invitation to enjoy the finer things in life.