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8.5" x 4.75" x 18.5"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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Syrah by Frogman Bronze

Presenting “Syrah” by Frogman Bronze, a captivating sculpture that blends dynamic motion with whimsical charm. This striking piece features a vibrant red frog in an impressive handstand, its long, sleek legs extended gracefully upwards. The frog’s athletic pose and confident expression capture a moment of playful exuberance, making “Syrah” a standout addition to any art collection.

The glossy, hand-applied patina highlights the frog’s rich, deep red color, accentuating the intricate details and lifelike texture of its form. The contrasting black webbed feet add a touch of elegance and depth, enhancing the overall visual appeal of the sculpture. The frog’s expressive eyes and poised stance convey a sense of balance and poise, reflecting the artist’s meticulous attention to detail.

“Syrah” is a testament to Frogman Bronze’s masterful craftsmanship and artistic vision. This sculpture not only celebrates the beauty and agility of its amphibian subject but also symbolizes the joy and spontaneity found in nature. It is an ideal piece for art enthusiasts looking to add a touch of whimsy and vitality to their space.

Whether displayed in a contemporary setting or as a focal point in a nature-inspired decor, “Syrah” brings a sense of energy and delight to any environment. Embrace the playful spirit of this exquisite sculpture and let it inspire a sense of adventure and appreciation for the natural world in your home or office.

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