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Dimensions 14.25 × 8.25 × 3.5 in

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Lake Tahoe is a beautiful getaway of enchanting hike trails, imposing mountain vistas, and lush greenery in every direction. Here is also where one can find the magnificent Marcus Ashley Gallery located in Heavenly Village. A sprawling 4400 sq. ft. property, the gallery houses some of the most iconic exhibits, including those by Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Steve Barton, etc. Through its venerable walkways is where one can also find the Frogman art.


The England-born sculptor works out of his studio in California, where he’s been residing since 1990. After falling for the sunny state’s energy and beauty, it was here that he honed his craft of making animal sculptures. Collectors of fine art will be instantly drawn to his honest representation and artistic integrity.


Mamacita is an emerald-green and red gecko perfectly burnished to glimmer in the light. Frogman molds the gecko’s midsection to create a little bulge, possibly to reveal that it’s pregnant. As the mountable gecko poses with its little toes outstretched, one’s eyes automatically take notice of its gold-tipped feet. Whether you place Mamacita in the kitchen or living room, its presence is sure to draw the eye and start conversations.