Stag’s Leap – BF201


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Dimensions 20 × 10.5 × 12 in

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Lake Tahoe is a utopia of gushing waterfalls, serene valleys, and verdant trails. It’s no wonder why the patrons considered this the idyllic location for the Marcus Ashley Gallery. With the Sierra Nevada mountains as the backdrop, the gallery is a top-tier location to view and acquire art. Besides its rich reserve of collections, the gallery proudly showcases Frogman art. The sculptor’s work is a testament to his long-standing career as a metalworks virtuoso. Through his sculptures, audiences get a fantastic preview of life in the wild.

Stag’s Leap is a dynamic sculpture of a frog catapulting off a fallen antler. As its nimble frame propels forward on large webbed feet, the frog’s ruby red patina glints in the light. The sculptor creates movement and energy through the frog’s realistic pose. Frogman delights in capturing frogs in their natural habitat with their vibrant personalities intact.

 Stag’s Leap is a marvelous piece that elevates Frogman’s technical mastery and artistic flair. Place the sculpture in any room to give it a refreshing twist or with other pieces by Frogman.