Ready, Set, Go – BF56


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Dimensions 18 × 12 × 6 in

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Artists from different corners of the world, some upcoming, others highly renowned, partner with the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons reinforce their vision and values by working with artists who share similar energy and passion for the arts. With the gallery’s assistance, artists are introduced to a wide network of curators and collectors with a deep reverence for their kind of work.

Visitors end up exploring the gallery for hours on end, lost in the wonder and nature of the exhibits on display. Immerse your senses in a world of peculiar frogs, regal birds, graceful koi fish, and swift-footed geckos through the Frogman art collection.

In Ready, Set, Go, a frog positions itself on a blade of grass, ready to leap forward at any moment. Frogman opts for a bright amber-rich patina with visible dark markings to create the illusion of texture. The wall-mountable frog sculpture holds a realistic likeness from its dramatic stance to sharp beady eyes.

Smooth contours, clean lines, and flawless detailing showcase the amphibian’s spirited attitude and feisty personality. Frogman’s goal is to create works of art that will leave a smile on his fans’ faces. Ready, Set, Go will do just that from wherever it is perched.