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13.25" x 11" x 20"



Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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Poppy by Frogman

Experience the vibrant beauty of nature with “Poppy,” a stunning bronze sculpture by the renowned artist Tim Cotterill, affectionately known as Frogman. This enchanting piece features a brilliant blue frog playfully climbing amidst a cluster of vivid red poppies, with a delicate butterfly poised above.

Frogman’s exceptional artistry is showcased in the meticulous details of the frog, from its smooth, glossy finish to the lifelike texture of its skin. The bright blue patina adds a touch of whimsy and contrasts beautifully with the rich red hues of the poppies, creating a dynamic and eye-catching composition.

The sculpture captures a moment of natural harmony, with the frog’s playful pose and the butterfly’s gentle presence evoking a sense of joy and serenity. The lush green stems and leaves provide a natural setting that enhances the overall composition, adding depth and balance to the piece.

Measuring approximately 17 inches high, “Poppy” is a testament to Frogman’s ability to blend vibrant artistry with the enchanting character of his amphibious subjects. This exquisite bronze sculpture is perfect for nature lovers and art enthusiasts alike, bringing a splash of color and a sense of delight to any space.

Invite the enchanting spirit of “Poppy” into your home and let Frogman’s masterful craftsmanship transport you to a world of playful elegance and natural beauty. Let “Poppy” become a cherished addition to your art collection, celebrating the joyful harmony of nature in exquisite bronze form.

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