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Dimensions 13.25 × 11 × 20 in

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The Marcus Ashley Gallery is thrilled to display Frogman art as part of its commendable collections. Tim “Frogman” Cotterill spent most of his teenage years completing an engineering apprenticeship. It wasn’t until he sold his first welded metal owl creation that the sculptor discovered his true calling. Excited by the prospect of crafting animal-themed pieces for a living, Frogman went on to pursue a rewarding career in the visual arts. Decades later, the sculptor’s iconic work graces residential and commercial spaces.

In Poppy, an inquisitive, friendly little frog determinedly climbs onto a trio of poppy flowers for a closer look at the butterfly. The vivid red blooms create the perfect restful spot for the sunset-hued butterfly. Frogman chooses an aquamarine patina for the frog and classic black and gold tones for its webbed feet. If you look closely, one of the poppies has a hidden ladybug on its underside.

The sculptor adds a touch of whimsy and fun to Poppy. The piece’s riveting composition of form, perspective, and value embody his signature artistic style. Avid and novice collectors will equally enjoy the beauty and energy of the sculpture and the story it attempts to recount.