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13" x 9" x 10"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Daffodil” is an enchanting bronze sculpture by Frogman, Tim Cotterill, that captures the spirit of spring in a single joyful tableau. This piece features a vivacious pink frog in mid-leap towards a bright yellow daffodil, its petals unfurling to reveal a white, frilled trumpet accented with an orange center.

The sculpture radiates a palpable sense of movement, the frog’s polished pink patina shimmering against the sleek, dark limbs that are poised for action. The daffodil, with its vibrant colors and lifelike appearance, seems to be the object of the frog’s affection, symbolizing new beginnings and the renewal that comes with the spring season.

Cotterill’s “Daffodil” melds the natural world with whimsical imagination, creating a piece that is both a nod to the delicate balance of ecosystems and a celebration of the playful curiosity found within it. Perfect for those who appreciate art that captures the essence of nature’s beauty, this sculpture is sure to be a standout piece in any collection, bringing a touch of the rejuvenating energy of spring to any space.

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