Calla Lily – BF137


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Dimensions 20.25 × 4.75 × 3.5 in


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Lake Tahoe is a hidden gem that deserves to be explored and enjoyed at leisure. Tourists and locals equally revel in the seasonal beauty and splendor of this Californian region, much like the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The showroom curates an enviable selection of fine arts by upcoming and established artists.


It’s also a great place to peruse magnificent sculptures such as the Frogman art collection. The artisan of metalworks exacts his prowess to reanimate creatures of the animal kingdom with startling likeness. Explore Frogman’s sculptures at the gallery to find a new friend or two to take home.


Calla Lily reveals a tiny citrus-toned frog nestled comfortably in the pretty bloom. As he takes cover within the trumpet-shaped petals, little does the amphibian know he’s not alone! Frogman adds his signature pair of ladybugs taking refuge on the underside of the calla lily, presumably to evade the attention of the stealthy frog.


Frogman attempts to create more than just a statement piece through this sculpture. Calla lilies are known to introduce an aura of purity and timeless beauty to a space. The sculptor meticulously molds the piece to highlight its symbolic nature in Calla Lily.