Clover – BF157


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4" x 7" x 6"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Clover,” a radiant bronze sculpture by the illustrious Frogman, Tim Cotterill, is a striking embodiment of grace and agility. This exquisite piece depicts a gleaming green frog in a moment of poised suspension, with one leg elegantly draped over the edge, suggesting both leisure and the potential for swift movement.

The frog’s lustrous patina, a rich emerald green, is highlighted by subtle hints of light and shadow that dance across its sleek form. This finish not only accentuates the frog’s muscular contours but also mirrors the verdant hues of its namesake, bringing to mind the fresh, vibrant life of a clover field.

Designed as a “leg over the edge” sculpture, “Clover” invites imaginative placement on shelves or ledges, where the frog’s dangling limb can create a playful interaction with its environment. This dynamic feature gives the sculpture a sense of living interaction with the space it inhabits, making it a lively conversation piece.

Cotterill’s “Clover” captures a snapshot of nature’s spontaneous beauty, where every creature is an artwork in motion. This sculpture is an enchanting addition to any collection, sure to bring a touch of nature’s elegance and Frogman’s whimsical charm to any setting.