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3" 4.25" x 2.75"


Limited Edition

Signed and numbered


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“Bronson,” a distinct bronze sculpture by Frogman Tim Cotterill, introduces a unique character to the Cotterill Parliament of owls. With a commanding presence that belies his modest size, Bronson is crafted with a charcoal patina that speaks to his serious and focused demeanor. His penetrating gaze, emphasized by sharp, golden eyes, suggests a character of intensity and resolve, hinting at his potential to become a standout favorite—a “sellout” in the world of art collectors.

His posture, upright and assertive, along with his slightly oversized feet, gives him an air of unshakable confidence, while his small stature and the playful design remind us of the whimsical nature of Cotterill’s work. Bronson’s presence is a statement of both determination and approachability, reflecting his ability to hold his ground while working alongside his peers.

Ideal for collectors who appreciate a blend of humor and gravitas, Bronson is not just a sculpture but a personality—a “hoot” as Cotterill might say—promising to bring character and conversation to any space he occupies.

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