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“Sparkle” by Dave Archer is a breathtaking original mixed media piece on glass that showcases his unique “art storms” technique. By electrocuting acrylic and resin paint with a Tesla coil, Archer creates a vivid canvas of color that crackles with energy, reminiscent of lightning strikes in a tempestuous sky. Over this electrified backdrop, Archer carefully paints to construct enchanting miniature fantasy universes, each brimming with its own narrative and mystique.

In this composition, the central celestial body, with its textured, desert-like surface, anchors the eye amidst a tapestry of cosmic activity. Surrounding planets and moons in a variety of colors and sizes float through this imagined cosmos, against a backdrop that transitions from the rich turmoil of interstellar clouds to the serene darkness peppered with distant stars.

Adding a touch of whimsy and contrast to the cosmic display are silhouetted figures at the base of the piece. These figures, with delicate butterfly wings, appear to dance or float in space, infusing the scene with a magical quality that blurs the line between fantasy and reality.

The artwork captures the imagination, inviting viewers to lose themselves in the depth and detail of the universe Archer has created. The play of light and shadow, along with the strategic placement of celestial bodies, creates a sense of depth and vastness that is truly awe-inspiring. It’s a visual symphony of chaos and order, a sparkling testament to the beauty of the universe both seen and unseen.