Space for Rent


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“Space for Rent” presents an awe-inspiring celestial scene where vibrant planets and dynamic nebulae are set against a backdrop of a star-filled sky. The central element of this piece is a prominent pink planet, its textured surface glowing with an ethereal light. Surrounding it are smaller celestial bodies in shades of blue, yellow, and pink, each intricately detailed and adding depth to the cosmic landscape.

The nebula, rendered in rich blues and purples, swirls with dynamic energy, creating a sense of movement and life. This celestial cloud, animated by the energetic strokes of a Tesla coil, adds an element of magic and wonder to the scene. The meticulously placed stars enhance the otherworldly atmosphere, drawing viewers into the infinite expanse of the universe.

Dave Archer’s innovative use of electricity to paint on glass results in a unique interplay of light, color, and texture, making “Space for Rent” a captivating focal point in any space. This piece beautifully captures the grandeur and mystery of the cosmos, inviting viewers to contemplate the vastness of space and the possibilities it holds.

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