Mornin’ Sun


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“Mornin’ Sun” is an evocative piece by the artist Dave Archer, crafted using his innovative “art storms” process. In this technique, Archer applies high voltage from a Tesla coil directly to acrylic and resin paints on glass, creating a base layer of intense, lightning-like color patterns. These patterns mimic the chaotic and beautiful natural phenomena of electrical storms, frozen in a moment of time, to serve as a foundation for further artistic exploration.

The painting features a strikingly vibrant central sun, glowing with warm hues of orange and encircled by a halo of light, which anchors the composition. This celestial body casts a luminescent glow over the surrounding cosmic landscape, filled with swirling nebulas, distant stars, and variously sized planets, evoking the grandeur and mystery of the universe.

Uniquely, at the lower edge of the artwork, the silhouette of a rooster, hens, and chicks stands against a gradient backdrop that suggests the first light of dawn on a horizon. This pastoral scene at the bottom of the piece contrasts with the cosmic spectacle above, creating a blend of the mundane and the magnificent, the earthly and the celestial.

“Mornin’ Sun” thus becomes a metaphorical canvas where the daily awakening of farm life is juxtaposed with the timeless awakening of the cosmos. The roosters and hens serve as symbols of the start of a new day, much like the rising sun is a universal symbol of renewal and continuity.

Archer’s work is not just visually stunning but also intellectually stimulating, as it invites viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of all things—from the smallest creatures on Earth to the vast, unexplored reaches of space. It’s a reminder that each new day brings with it an entire universe of possibilities and that there’s beauty in both the cosmic scale of space and the simplicity of life on Earth.