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“Stallions” transports viewers to a mystical realm where the serene silhouettes of majestic horses stand against a backdrop of a star-filled sky and vibrant nebulae. The foreground features three graceful stallions, their forms outlined against a gradient of green and black, evoking a sense of tranquility and natural beauty.

Above them, a mesmerizing cosmic landscape unfolds, with a prominent blue planet and smaller celestial bodies in shades of red and green. The nebula, depicted in swirling hues of green and blue, adds depth and movement to the scene, creating a dreamlike atmosphere. The celestial elements, painted using the energy of a Tesla coil, are rendered with exquisite detail and luminosity, enhancing the otherworldly quality of the piece.

Forrester Archer’s innovative use of electricity to paint on glass results in a stunning interplay of light, color, and texture, making “Stallions” a captivating focal point in any space. This piece beautifully captures the grandeur of the universe and the serene beauty of nature, inviting viewers to contemplate the infinite wonders of the cosmos.