Village Steps


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“I often travel with my wife and children to explore, photograph, and paint the diverse panorama of the American West.” – Charles Pabst

There’s so much that one can learn from the world of art. At the Marcus Ashley Gallery, the exhibits are inspired from personal experiences, fond memories, different cultures, and imaginative worlds. The staff at the gallery is happy to shed light on the works on display, including Charles Pabst art. The artist is known for capturing a scene from memory instead of a photograph. As Pabst paints, he sometimes adds new details to a painting, and the unexpected results are a delight to his fans.

In Village Steps, Pabst paints the narrow bylanes of Italy’s charming stone houses. Creepers line the shutters, and the season’s loveliest blooms appear in pops of periwinkle and bright red. Nothing quite defines the sweetness of the vita semplice than exploring Italy’s villages that still imbue charm and distinctive rural characteristics.

Pabst relies on precise brushstrokes and muted, gentle hues that fill the canvas with a comforting vibe. Village Steps will beckon viewers to embrace and appreciate the life-changing power of traversing unknown lands. In this painting, the artist captures the allure of a beautiful country through his extraordinary sense of perception.

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