Ute Encampment


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“The Ute Indians have a rich history and culture based on a great love and respect for nature. The tribe would move from site to site on well-established routes, some of which can still be seen in the forests of the Grand Mesa.” – Charles Pabst

There’s no better place to peruse the phenomenal work of past and present artists than at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Witness the grandeur of their creations under one roof at this reputable Californian showroom.

Many visitors flock to the gallery to view and acquire the hugely popular Charles Pabst art — a collection of landscape and abstract paintings. Visitors get to explore the artist’s inimitable works that will fuel one’s thirst for travel.

In Ute Encampment, Pabst reveals a cluster of Native American teepee dwellings that still stand in the forests of the Grand Mesa. The Ute tribe often relocate across the plains but always stay close to nature and its offerings.

In the distance, snow-capped mountains circle the expanse of trees, shrubs, and wild grass. Everything about this scene spells ‘home’. Pabst’s style and approach to Ute Encampment create an almost historical scene that takes one back to a different moment in time.