Animas River Gorge


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“I often travel with my wife and children to explore, photograph, and paint the diverse panorama of the American west.” – Charles Pabst

Marcus Ashley Gallery may be considered a vacation destination within another and not just because it is within the environs of Lake Tahoe, a veritable haven for backpackers, jet setters, and globetrotters. The showroom also features magnificent paintings of artists who record their travels through sketches and paintings of landscapes and seascapes. Among these are a repertoire of Charles Pabst art oil paintings.

Animas River Gorge, for instance, is a spectacular scenery of the Animas River running through the valleys of Colorado. Set against the backdrop of the imposing San Juan Mountains, this sweeping vista bears the unmistakable Pabst signature of grandeur. A hostler and his horses are dwarfed by the monumental topography, illustrating the vulnerability of man and animal.

True-to-life hues, both complementing and contrasting, are subdued with a dreamlike quality. Pabst captures this unbelievable encapsulation of natural lighting in the sky in the background and across the meadow in the foreground with unfailing precision making this a riveting piece. Animas River Gorge will transpose viewers to this idyllic landscape on a journey of their own