Gondolere Rosso


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“My reward isn’t the end product. My reward is the creation.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe draws not only backpackers, adventure seekers, and outdoor lovers from season to season but also creative minds and art enthusiasts. The Marcus Ashley Gallery invites visitors from all walks of life to experience their spectacular exhibits by emerging and acclaimed artists. Tucked in the heart of Heavenly Village, the gallery is a one-stop destination for Michelangelo, Dr. Seuss, Michael Parkes, Frogman, and Charles Pabst art, among others.

Born to a family of artists, Pabst was only 14 years old when he took up painting as a hobby. He would often reach for his grandmother’s watercolors to create his initial works. 50 years later, the artist’s career and creative feats continue to go strong.

In Gondolere Rosso, Pabst paints a gondolier steering his gondola through a Venetian canal. A couple sits within its snug interiors, admiring the scenic beauty as the boat glides past aging yet lovely architecture, quaint stores, archways, and intimate cafes.

Varying intensities of canary yellow and chestnut brown meet bright pops of summer reds and blues across the canvas. Gentle brushstrokes create a composition of balance and value in classic Pabst style, giving every element in Gondolere Rosso a life of its own.