Back Streets of Assisi


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“As an artist, you start painting from your own heart, your feelings, and your mind, or maybe even more of a spiritual thing that happens.” – Charles Pabst

Among the extensive Charles Pabst art repertoire at Marcus Ashley Gallery is a series of impressionist paintings showcasing the beauty of Italy, a favorite destination of the artist. The town of Assisi holds a special place in his heart and on his canvas, and his bold brushstrokes capture the local flavor in all its glory. These pieces are the perfect focal point on the walls of vacation destinations.

Back Streets of Assisi belongs to this endearing series. It takes a viewer through the narrow cobblestone alleys of the birthplace of St. Francis, one of Italy’s patron saints. Pabst unselfishly shares the timeless architecture of olden day homes through his signature play on contrasts. Dark shadows cast by the structures highlight the bright yellow sky, while the rough texture of bricks sets off the gentle petals in hanging flower pots.

People are almost always present in the artist’s settings, and Back Streets of Assisi is no exception. It provides a glimpse into the townfolk’s simple way of life and undisturbed local culture.


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