Glistening Lights


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This is an edition size of 50 regardless of the size you order

Limited Edition

Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“Passion is the emotion I bring to my artwork. Painting is the medium I use to express myself and I love doing it.” – Charles Pabst

If you’re looking for Charles Pabst art, there’s no better place to explore the artist’s majestic oeuvre than right here at the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The artist’s style of painting, even after 50 years, holds a refreshing perspective and is not limited to any subject matter. While he does experiment with different styles, many facets of Pabst’s work remain intact and constant.

Pabst captures the beauty of Southwest America in several paintings, with Glistening Lights underscoring the country’s magical city life. Like the twinkling night sky, the city’s skyscrapers shine above a smattering of pedestrians strolling down the street. A horse-drawn carriage pulls up by the curb as passengers hop on for a fun trip around the block. One can’t help but feel drawn to the energy of this urban cityscape.

The Californian artist paints the scene with enthusiastic yet controlled brushstrokes that marry soft and dark tones with finesse. Being in the presence of this Pabst painting will be nothing short of divine. Glistening Lights will instantly transpose viewers to a familiar or unfamiliar beautiful place.

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