Fall Light


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This is an edition of 195 regardless of the size you order

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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“I’ve always felt that I’ve had a lot of luck, a lot of blessings, in the sense that it helped me through. I’ve been very fortunate, very happy to have my paintings sell and be able to do well that way.” – Charles Pabst

Lake Tahoe is the perfect location for inspiration, whether you’re a writer, painter, sculptor, or photographer. Most visitors who come by this Californian region always make it a point to stop by the Marcus Ashley Gallery. No trip to Lake Tahoe is complete without exploring the winding, spacious walkways of this mammoth gallery, where  you’ll find an expansive display of fine exhibits, including Charles Pabst art.

As an artist who has been practicing his craft for over 50 years, Pabst’s approach to painting is as natural to him as breathing. As he visualizes a scene from memory, his ability to conjure the details is as impressive as the final result.

Pabst sometimes strays from the familiar and experiments with an abstract approach, as seen in Fall Light. As if one were viewing a closeup of refracted sunlight, clean brushstrokes travel across the canvas to create a mesmerizing display of autumnal hues. A must-have for lovers of abstract art, Fall Light is an intriguing piece of work that is both calming and unsettling, depending on the viewer’s perspective.