Fall Smoke


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“This Ute tribe has set up camp at one of their well-established sites, selected because of the availability of prey as well as the beauty of the area.” – Charles Pabst

There’s no place quite like Lake Tahoe that boasts an unmarred landscape of rugged terrain, lush valleys, scenic trails, and breathtaking coastlines. Its beauty is what drew the patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery to set up shop in Heavenly Village. At the gallery, you’ll find an enviable collection of Charles Pabst art, besides other exquisite exhibits that visitors can view and take home.

Pabst’s deep reverence for indigenous communities comes through beautifully in Fall Smoke. In this painting, he shares how the Ute tribe has relocated to a new site abundant in resources. Known for their exceptional hunting and gathering skills, the tribe often relocates to new regions in search of prey and fresh produce.

In Fall Smoke, Pabst paints a colony of teepee dwellings that carry animal and nature-inspired motifs. You’ll spot the community’s chief in the foreground, holding his coup staff as he joins his tribe around a bonfire. In the nippy air, families settle in against a spectacular backdrop of snow-capped mountains and Aspen trees.

Fall Smoke is a stunning painting to add to one’s growing collection of Pabst creations.