Seaside Hideaway


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Seaside Hideaway (Limited Edition) Steve Barton Art in “Wavy” Frame From World-Renowned Painter Available at Marcus Ashley Gallery in South Lake Tahoe

“I am very passionate about painting and love for the arts.” – Steve Barton

Marcus Ashley Gallery offers a warm invitation to urbanites, restaurateurs, and owners of tropical vacation destinations to peruse its broad collection of Steve Barton art. Tourists and aficionados vouch for the capability of the artist’s seascapes to impress a calm and comfortable mood on their guests, diners, and transient residents. His bold and brightly colored loose impressionistic paintings also light up plain and monochromatic motifs.

Take Seaside Hideaway as an example. This piece is one of Barton’s interpretations of his trademark quiet life on the beach concept. An impressive arrangement of the elements in a coastal habitat, it beckons the preoccupied city dweller to come sit and relax on the seashore. Two wooden reclined chairs strategically look out on the calm waters, while a modest cottage promises unrivaled respite. With his potent brushstrokes and passionate textures, the artist bestows an otherworldly character to this perfect seaside hideaway.

This enchanting canvas includes Barton’s signature palm trees and copious flowers in full bloom as well. It comes to you in a “Wavy” frame, his own creation.