Unfinished Letters


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24" x 36"



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“I liked the fluid transparency of light in this composition. It is all about the immediacy of the moment – the fragrance of the lilacs, the water streaming down the window panes, a vague thought. Like these letters, the spring is not finished, it is still composing itself.” – Alexander Volkov

With a combined passion for the Sierras and the arts, the owners of Marcus Ashley Gallery have built a showroom where collectors and tourists alike can browse, shop, and acquire a deeper knowledge of fine art. Their impressive panoply of paintings include Alexander Volkov art. Considered as one of the most famous artists of our time’s, Volkov is celebrated for his mastery in achieving harmony between light and darkness. His Window series inspires creativity in private libraries, studies, offices, and studios.

In this intimate still life entitled Unfinished Letters, Volkov exhibits his genius at elevating an ordinary everyday scene into a statement piece. It evokes a longing for bygone days when messages were written with pen and paper and desk clocks told the time. The foggy view outside the window hints at cool weather, deepening the feeling of nostalgia. But the lilacs say otherwise. It is spring, and the pops of color in the muted lighting are a pleasant surprise.

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