Unfinished Conversation


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21" x 29"



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“When I was a kid, I used to talk to myself, sometimes even out loud. I think this piece is not so much about a conversation between two people, as about a conversation with oneself.” – Alexander Volkov, 2015

Alexander Volkov art aficionados will find an inviting atmosphere at the Marcus Ashley Gallery, host to a vast repertoire of the artist’s paintings. The gallery is cozy and intimate, allowing for a light and pleasurable browsing experience. Art lovers hunting for prints in the realism style will be captivated by Volkov’s creations. His Window series, in particular, imparts serenity in any bedroom or receiving room.

Unfinished Conversation belongs to this set. A charcoal and graphite illustration on archival paper, the subdued still life harkens back to the old days of black and white images. The artist’s trademark theme of conflicting light and darkness weaves through each element. Its simplicity reminds viewers of the quiet joy one achieves in contemplation. A hint of red in the wine suggests a harmless reward that every individual deserves. Beyond the window, the outside world is barely discernible, an encouragement to leave the sanctuary untouched by any burden. After all, the candle’s flame has been extinguished. Perhaps the soul-searching is meant to be postponed for another day.

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