St. Petersburg After the Rain


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20" x 30"



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“The moment before the stars come out… This painting reminds me of a fairytale by the Russian writer Nikolai Gogol “The Night Before Christmas.” All sorts of improbable things happen on that quiet and clear winter night.

Witches fly out of the chimneys on broomsticks taking innocent characters on a flight across a frozen landscape to the Tzar’s Grand Ball… it’s a good kind of magic that happens on this night.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is home to a wide array of magnificent oil paintings by international artists, including a repertoire of Alexander Volkov art. Recognized for his realistic landscapes, albeit with a dreamlike quality, the artist is one of the most prolific living legends of our time. His body of work numbers by the hundreds, and he exhibits no sign of slowing down.

In St. Petersburg After the Rain, Volkov once again proves his mettle. A master of Light, he combines the natural radiance of a full moon with the illumination from street lamps. The result is a cobalt sky mirrored on still waters and interspersed with swaying elongated reflections of lamplight. Headlights from a passing car beam on the slippery road. Amid the wet and shiny surroundings, towering trees stand unabashedly nonchalant, satiated by the nourishment of rain.

St. Petersburg After the Rain is part of a Collectors Edition, and you can choose to have this masterpiece custom framed at the gallery.