Snowy Day


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24" x 36"



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“Silent snowfall at the end of Winter. There is nothing more delightful. The kids will stay home from school and there is no reason to rush anything. The driveway, and the snow angels, and playing with the dog will be tomorrow but right now the time stops and it belongs to no one but you…” – Alexander Volkov, 2010

When in Tahoe for winter sports or sightseeing, a trip to Marcus Ashley Gallery in Heavenly Village is the best way to make the stay unforgettable. Recognized as one of the district’s premier fine-art galleries, it proudly houses the most expansive repertoire of Alexander Volkov art. The artist’s landscape and still life paintings are legendary in their lifelike portrayals.

In Snowy Day, Volkov integrates his Window and Seasons themes to create a unified piece that expresses the beauty and joy one can derive from simple pleasures. It shows how reading a book, for instance, can lift the winter blues when accompanied by a glass of wine, a pot of blooms, and a view of the undisturbed mountain of powder outside. Volkov’s signature element of the interchange between light and dark imbues the scene with a nostalgic tone, and anyone would love to set eyes on it on their wall every single day, no matter the season.