Snowfall on Indian Territory


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20" x 40"



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“Most of the time, we do not remember that another people used to live on the land that we call ours today. Unlike us, they made sure that their footsteps were never heard, and that their way of using the land did not interfere with the lives of the next generations. Unlike us, they did not own the land in the same sense that we own it today, but they belonged to it and it belonged to them.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley fine art gallery displays a large assemblage of Alexander Volkov art in their on-site and online galleries. The realism artist and master of light is highly respected in art circles for his oil paintings of natural landscapes. These pieces are sought-after wall adornments for modern abodes, country clubs, spa resorts, and upscale hotels with neutral or bare walls. They inspire deep thought and calm among viewers.

In the words of Volkov, Snowfall on Indian Territory is “about the combination of tension and calm which comes at the end of fall and precedes the coming of winter.” It is also a meditation on the passage of time, one of the recurring themes by the artist. The thick, gnarled roots of the trees deeply embedded in the earth declare centuries-old ownership and territory. A foggy background lends a mystical ambiance to the scene. And Volkov’s signature light-and-dark interplay assures that balance can be achieved even in the clashing of natural elements.