Roses of 99


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31" x 40"


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“It seemed like just yesterday that I started the first painting that turned into a cycle of paintings I called Winter Rose. Each one was different but held the same contemplation about the passage of time and how fleeting the most beautiful moments in our life can be.

One by one, these roses ended up on the stone window sill of my attic studio where they are still together to this day – a memory of so many things and years gone by.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery takes pride in hosting a treasure trove of Alexander Volkov art. These oil paintings are available in its brick and mortar showroom as well as on its online exhibition. Art collectors and realism style enthusiasts looking for dramatic pieces will find that the artist’s prints are among the best.

Take Roses of 99 as an example. One of Volkov’s recurring themes revolves around Windows – the various types of light they diffuse into a room at different seasons and times of the day. In this illustration, the window is barely seen, but the illumination it lends the room cannot be missed. It spotlights an old, worn out rocking chair surrounded by other antiques in an attic. Volkov is endlessly fascinated by vintage objects, and he paints them with lifelike precision, always in a balanced yet uncontrived composition. The roses which bear this setting’s title take an unassuming position, simply a point of reference for its era.