Prelude To Spring


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27" x 43"



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“There is an interesting quality to moonlight – it can make things look very soft and crisp at the same time. Once your eyes get used to it, you begin to notice a lot more than you normally see in broad daylight. Things feel more private. Sometimes, I am asked why I never paint people in my landscapes. I like being one-on-one with my subjects, literally to the point where we become one thing. The nearest person to you in this landscape is you. This barn is located in the village of Lahaska, Pennsylvania.” – Alexander Volkov

Marcus Ashley Gallery is considered a sanctum by Alexander Volkov art enthusiasts. The setup is warm and accommodating, allowing them the ease of viewing the artist’s oil paintings with quiet contemplation. Volkov’s prints mirror this ambiance in his realism style. Vivid colors, rich outlines, and perfect composition in true-to-life rendition make his landscapes ideal for display on the walls of any posh home, hotel, country club, or resort.

Prelude to Spring is another Volkov masterpiece depicting the powerful clash between light and dark, which concludes in poignant harmony of poetry on canvas. In this moving scene, the artist portrays the birthing of the vernal season when moonlight shines brighter in the sky. The movement of light through the still-bare tree branches in Prelude to Spring is a signature that Volkov admirers will easily recognize. The detailed shadows they cast on the immediate surroundings is a talent that very few painters can achieve.