Once In August


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38" x 27"



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“A memory of ultimate comfort and endless summers when we were kids… The world was like an open book full of sunshine, a story that does not need to be rushed to be told.” – a memory from Alexander Volkov, 2005

Alexander Volkov art fans and aficionados will find themselves in good company at Marcus Ashley Gallery, which displays a large collection of the artist’s body of work. The impeccable realism style of Volkov brings still life scenes alive on canvas, albeit with a hint of daydream quality. His oil paintings like Once In August infuse a dramatic elegance on bare and monochromatic walls. Coming home to one at the end of a busy workday alleviates mind and body tensions.

Once In August is a piece in Volkov’s recurring Window theme. He also incorporates his other favorite subject matters – seasons and memoirs of bygone days. The airy feeling it imparts relies on the slightly opened casement. As well, the artist’s clever inclusion of drawn curtains and comfy bedding conveys rest and relaxation. This refreshing setting exhibits the Volkov stamp of light and dark intertwining to reveal the poetry of the moment.

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