Northern Venice


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“I was born just a few blocks from here – St. Petersburg, once Leningrad. The elegant, ‘European’ city of Russia, built by Peter The Great, was inspired by the architecture and canals of Venice, Italy. But the northern winds driving flood waters from the Baltic Sea into the city, and the misunderstanding of Moscow’s Russian nobility to their toll on the laboring serfs prevented the realization of the tzar’s dream.

Today, after revolutions and sieges, and millions of perished souls, the canals and trees, monuments and mansions lay claim to their own identity and memories of lives lived and lost, whisper through our streets. But for me, it will always be the city of White Nights, or the Venice of the North.” – Alexander Volkov, 2008

Behind each piece of an accomplished artist’s body of work is an inspiring story. Alexander Volkov art is no exception. It is one of the reasons why the artist’s admirers flock to Marcus Ashley Gallery. There, art consultants will happily take the time to share the fascinating tales that inspired Volkov’s oil paintings.

Northern Venice, for instance, is a portrait of the artist’s hometown in St. Petersburg. With just one look, any viewer will recognize the influence of the conflict between light and dark in what has now become Volkov’s signature. This masterpiece of realism comes alive under his ardent brush, as Northern Venice expertly captures the tone and atmosphere of the scene in a perfect composition.