Northern Light


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28" x 40"



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“The view from the cottage at night. It was built by my wife’s grandfather in 1941. Inside there are three door jambs with scratch marks on them, each representing a family generation. On all three, these markings start from about 2 feet above the floor. It is the third one that is still being filled.” – Alexander Volkov

Art collecting is indeed a worthwhile endeavor. Each piece holds a special story behind its creation, all thought-provoking, and sense-stimulating. This is especially true with Alexander Volkov art, spectacular landscapes on canvas as seen through the discerning eyes of an excellent realism painter. Marcus Ashley Gallery displays an extensive collection of the artist’s works both onsite and online.

Volkov’s repertoire consists of various themes. Sunset is one favorite subject matter among his followers. In this piece entitled Northern Light, any viewer will immediately understand why. The painting demonstrates Volkov’s unrivaled mastery when it comes to depicting a scene through the contrasting play and balance of light and dark, a unique departure from the usual brightly colored sky of a setting sun. In Northern Light, the artist offers a subdued scene where the fiery orb quietly relinquishes its throne to the queen of the night. This mesmerizing Collectors Edition piece is available at the Marcus Ashley Gallery for viewing or purchase.

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