Lenten Moon


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28" x 44"



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The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery believe in fostering real connections with clients and artists. This approach by the gallery and its quality services make it the frequent haunt of art lovers, collectors, and connoisseurs. Come and steep yourself in the rich collections of Alexander Volkov art and the works of local and international talent.

The artist demonstrates immaculate brushwork and flawless symmetry in Lenten Moon. Lenten is derived from the Germanic language and means ‘spring’. It signifies the Christian lent period, a time of fasting and abstinence before Easter.

Flanked on either side by bare trees and melting snow, Volkov paints a vacant road that stretches as far as the eye can see. The midnight blue sky coalesces with a luminescent glow from the moon. Volkov captures the glowy brilliance of the last winter moon as the land slowly wakes up from a long slumber.

Like people during the season of Lent, the earth too undergoes a transformation. Lenten Moon radiates a stark purity highlighting the essence of spring, and through Volkov’s perspective, we witness the rebirth of the land. This piece is a beautiful reminder of new beginnings and second chances.