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36" x 24"



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“It is the beginning of a new school year. For some, it is the first one ever. But for some, it is the first time ever that they get left behind.” – Alexander Volkov

The patrons of the Marcus Ashley Gallery have been cultivating a space that honors the works of local and international artists. From canvas prints and limited-edition pieces to metalworks and glass sculptures, the gallery is a haven of exquisite art. You will also find Alexander Volkov art along the spacious walkways.

Volkov’s emotive paintings have the power to conjure up familiar or long-forgotten memories. Viewers will appreciate the poetic themes that amplify the artist’s compositions. In Home Alone, the artist manipulates light and shadows with expert brushwork and a restrained hand. A lone teddy bear sits on a wooden chair, staring aimlessly ahead. Using tight, expressive brushstrokes, the artist captures the furry plaything with lifelike precision.

In the warm sunlight, the rustic space permeates the atmosphere with a comforting vibe. The painting reveals the passing of time: children growing up and moving on, leaving behind once-beloved toys. Home Alone is a stark reminder of how childhood is a fleeting phase that leaves behind poignant memories and bittersweet reminders.

Install this piece on its own or with other works of Volkov to create a singular or unique theme.