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26" x 38"



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Amateurs and knowledgeable collectors are equally welcome to explore the Marcus Ashley Gallery. The patrons of this brick-and-mortar establishment have been curating art for over 18 years, and they believe in cultivating an inclusive platform for local and international artists. One of many collections that stirs up scintillating conversation is the Alexander Volkov art.

The artist captures the elusive beauty of quotidian country life through his seasonal themes. In Eventide, Volkov reveals a minimal landscape of snow-covered bales of hay basking in the late daylight.

For those few minutes, the leafless trees erupt in hues of sun-kissed golden browns. Notice the intricate brushwork of branches that stretch across the eventide sky like veins of the earth. Volkov’s controlled brushwork demonstrates intricate detailing, a classic technique by the artist that highlights flawless execution.

Viewing this lovely piece at length will stir up feelings of comfort and peace. Volkov encourages viewers to connect with nature through serene landscapes that often go unnoticed. Eventide will look grand over a mantle or by a window.

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