Entrance To The Sea


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26" x 38"



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“One step away from the unknown, I stand as the sun fills the ocean with liquid silver. I can feel the first breath of a faraway storm on my face. This is where the land ends, and another world begins.” – Alexander Volkov

Away from the hum and buzz of city life lies a utopia of the Sierra Nevada mountains, crystal-clear lakes, and pine-covered riversides. This idyllic location is where one can find the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Budding enthusiasts, art aficionados, and even curious folks are welcome to stop by the gallery where you’re sure to enjoy the carefully curated collections, including Alexander Volkov art.

Seascapes hold a special place in Volkov’s heart for their unpredictable yet calming state of being. In Entrance To The Sea, the artist paints a pier with the sea at its feet. For now, the sea is tame and shimmers like silver in the sunlight. From Volkov’s perspective, the space between the edge of the pier and the sea presents a kind of gateway to another world.

Viewing Entrance To The Sea will feel like being on the precipice of the world, letting the expanse swallow you whole with its beauty.