Entrance To Fall


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33" x 47"



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“The coming of fall is like a whisper. You first notice an almost imperceptible touch of gold in the leaves, a slight chill and a pause in the air, like a breath waiting to exhale.” – Alexander Volkov

The Marcus Ashley Gallery is the perfect place for travelers and locals to experience the world of art. Whether online or in-person, the gallery provides exceptional services that foster lasting relationships with customers and clients. Its patrons have spent years curating some of the best works of our time. While browsing through the collections, you’ll also find Alexander Volkov art.

Entrance To Fall captures the artist’s raw authenticity through graceful brushwork and intricacy. The way the light hits the leaves and earth is dreamy and mystical. Fog weaves through the trees and undergrowth, amplifying the power of this piece. The artist shows us how those transitional moments between seasons can be exhilarating in the most unexpected ways.

This painting is the perfect example of how an artistic effort can make one perceive the magic of a place or a moment. Revamp a residential or commercial space such as an apartment, tavern, restaurant, or lounge with this one-of-a-kind Volkov original.