December Snowfall


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24" x 40"



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It can be rightly said that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is a product of passion combined with decades of experience. Founded nearly 18 years ago, this brick-and-mortar space is home to some of the best collections, including Alexander Volkov art. Visitors from far and near are welcome to explore the walkways of this colossal space.

December Snowfall highlights the artist’s love for the changing seasons and his fascination with how light and darkness interact. Two solitary barns sit silently in a bed of frost as they watch time and seasons pass by. Twilight gives way to nightfall in the bitter cold.

Volkov uses a muted palette of bluish whites, ash greys, and deep browns to capture those last seconds of illumination. Barns across the countryside (a recurring theme) have always fascinated Volkov with the stories they have to share. Weathered yet robust, these archaic structures have stood the test of time, season to season.

December Snowfall will create a cozy vibe in a private or public space with a quaint or traditional aesthetic.