Delaware Fog


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30" x 48"



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“Early morning fog shrouds the Delaware river. As a kid, I loved reading Fennimore Cooper’s stories describing the events of the French and Indian War. I imagined the brave Natty Bumppo and his noble friend Chingachgook, the last of the Mohicans, crossing the river in a canoe, but never did I imagine that someday I would be living in a small town on the Delaware. And this is probably what it would have looked like more than 250 years ago when Hawk-eye and his companions slipped into the river to disappear into the safety of the Delaware fog.” – Alexander Volkov

After a day of exploring the marketplaces, scenic routes, idyllic trails, and sandy shorelines of Lake Tahoe, travelers can head to the Marcus Ashley Gallery. Here is where one can glance through the impressive collection of Alexander Volkov art. Budding and seasoned collectors will enjoy perusing and learning about the different art forms created by local and international talent.

As an artist, Volkov prefers to paint places that embrace the spectacular facets of nature and have a tale to tell. Besides his pieces on cityscapes and quaint towns, his paintings of the countryside are a treat to view.

In Delaware Fog, he ponders on what this place looked like back in time from the stories he read as a child. He imagines that it was covered in a thick fog that settled over the river like a protective shroud. While the stories date back several decades, this spot on the river appears untainted by time. That sort of unchanged beauty is hard to find in a world that is constantly evolving.

Whether mounted on its own or placed with other pieces by the artist, Delaware Fog holds a charm of its own.