Cypress Moon


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32" x 53"



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“Big Sur, Northern California. There is a kind of romance in this landscape different from the East Coast. From the climate to the trees growing sideways, to the ocean being on the wrong side, to those of us from the East Coast it does not feel real. Coupled with a mild jet lag, it makes for a rather dreamy experience.

The two coasts romanticize each other, and it is a good thing. We remember what makes us special after we leave and then come home again.” – Alexander Volkov

Art enthusiasts and budding collectors will find that the Marcus Ashley Gallery is more than just a space for visitors to appreciate art. It is also where one can learn about the subject at length and meet like-minded individuals. The entire experience from exploring the pieces to conversing with the staff will leave your heart full. To satiate your love for impressionist realism, be sure to explore the Alexander Volkov art.

In Cypress Moon, Volkov gives us a glimpse of the rugged beauty of Big Sur in Northern California. In stark contrast to the topography of the East Coast, Big Sur holds a baffling yet charming change of scenery.

In the misty glow of moonlight, the artist captures the twisted, untamed trees that dot the landscape. The terrain is both unique and dramatic and holds a bit of magic.  And it is this intrinsic essence of the place that Volkov captures so beautifully.

Cypress Moon will allow viewers to experience the thrill of exploring – whether it is a new place or just their own individuality.