Exploring the Style of Watercolor Realism: The Fine Art of Eric Christensen

Colorful table of flowers, fruits, cheese, wine glasses, and bottles entitled Gold Rush by Eric Christensen.

Gold Rush by Eric Christensen

The terms “watercolor” and “realism” are rarely seen together in the world of fine art. Yet, achieving hyperrealism with watercolors is an astounding feat that artist Eric Christensen achieves time and time again.

His artwork evokes the verdant beauty of vineyards, gardens, and bountiful tables. Often, realism falls into the trap of looking like a high-quality picture rather than a work of art, but Eric Christensen’s fine art has total command of the composition to make his paintings eye-catching, beautiful, and as blissfully intoxicating as the wines they portray.

Dive into the world of Christensen’s contemporary watercolor art, available to purchase for your collection at Marcus Ashley Gallery.

What Makes This Contemporary Watercolor Artist Unique

Few people can achieve the attributes of realism using watercolors, and even fewer have mastered watercolor art with such impeccable detail as Eric Christensen.

Artists do not typically attempt realism with watercolors; the medium inherently bleeds and behaves somewhat unpredictably for most artists, and fine details can get lost when colors spread and blend. Oils and acrylics are usually preferred for realism, but Christensen achieves masterful hyperrealism nonetheless.

Christensen uses a special layering technique to ensure dryness and precision in every aspect of his watercolor realism approach. When you look closely at an original or print, you can see the meticulous brushstrokes he employs. He uses photographs for reference in his initial sketch, often manipulating several reference images at once and using them primarily for conceptualization. In his paintings, you can often glimpse familiar, recognizable landscapes in Napa Valley.

A Closer Look at Examples of Christensen’s Watercolor Realism

Still life of North American plants and vases entitled Casaba and Protea by Eric Christensen.

Casaba & Protea 

This painting, set in a rustic kitchen, evokes a warm mood and the lush bounty of an autumn harvest. Featuring yellow winter melon and sugarbushes, Christensen draws from his backyard garden and the natural beauty that inspires him daily. The sunny hues and composition inspire a homey coziness that will brighten any room.

Casaba and Protea is one of the rare original pieces of Eric Christensen’s fine art available at Marcus Ashley Gallery. It’s truly one for the collectors, and we invite you to come view it personally in our South Lake Tahoe gallery.

Triptych of watercolor paintings featuring wine, fruits, and vineyards entitled Estate of Bliss by Eric Christensen.

Estate of Bliss

This triptych displays exquisite attention to composition, color, and form. It manages to capture the essence of Napa Valley in all its flavors, beauty, and sensory delights.

A remarkable aspect of this watercolor realism painting is that all three panels were painted at the same time from start to finish. Christensen’s hallmark patience, attention to detail, and phenomenal skill are especially evident in this prime example of contemporary watercolor art.

A painting of a fireplace, cheeseboard, and wine entitled Golden Glow by Eric Christensen.

Golden Glow  

A cozy fire, a bountiful cheese board, and fine wine — some of life’s finest pleasures. This sumptuous Christensen painting draws you into an intimate, classy life, where problems melt away.

This inviting painting is sought after by the owners of fine estates, urban restaurants, vineyards, and personal collectors. With such a warm scene and enticing palette, who could resist its appeal?

Purchase Eric Christensen Fine Art For Your Collection

Marcus Ashley Gallery is proud to play host to some of the finest contemporary watercolor artists of our time, including Eric Christensen. Our skilled art consultants have many years of experience advising art collectors and connoisseurs about framing, shipping, and which painting would look the best in their gallery. If you’re interested in services like international shipping or even a private home show, peruse our range of world-class gallery services.

Eric Christensen takes commissions, and they don’t have to be of Napa Valley landscapes or wine! He can breathe life and vibrance into any still life or treasure that you desire. If you would like to get in touch with him and see if he can bring your artistic vision to fruition, contact one of our knowledgeable art consultants.