Exploring the Beauty of Lake Tahoe Through Art

“Wolf Moon” night photograph of Lake Tahoe by Jon Paul at Marcus Ashley Gallery


The breathtaking natural majesty of Lake Tahoe is best experienced in person, but the second-best way to see it is through the eyes of an artist. While we and our community contend with the effects of wildfire to the lake, wildlife, skies, and surrounding Sierra hillsides, art can help provide a window into the Lake Tahoe we all know and love.

Our talented featured artists use their creative vision to capture the beauty of the local area in stunning, inventive ways. We’re happy to share with you some of our favorite Lake Tahoe paintings, photographs, and the artists behind the canvas.

Enjoy a sampling of our collection of Lake Tahoe art, and consider bringing one of these pieces of artwork into your personal collection with high-quality Lake Tahoe prints from Marcus Ashley Gallery.

Photograph of a blue and pink sky and mountains reflecting on Lake Tahoe entitled Ancient Shoreline, Alpenglow, Fallen Leaf Lake by Jon Paul.

Jon Paul: Gorgeous Lake Tahoe Landscape Photography

A renowned nature photographer, Jon Paul has a prolific history of capturing the tranquility of Lake Tahoe and the wildlife it holds. Incredibly, Paul does not digitally enhance his photos; their beauty and composition is due entirely to his excellent eye and technical knowledge.

Paul has lived in the Tahoe area since 2002, and photographed the surrounding area for many years prior to moving here. He’s drawn to the colorful landscape and unblemished beauty that makes Tahoe such a fantastic place for photography. He is also a skilled wildlife photographer and has successfully captured rare animals like bears, coyotes, owls, and osprey up close in their natural environment.


A painting of a blue and yellow sunrise over Lake Tahoe entitled Sunrise by Michael Flohr.

Michael Flohr: The Ideal Tahoe Sunrise

Flohr’s contemporary impressionist paintings are infused with the phenomenal beauty of the American West. He paints with pigment straight from the tube like Cezanne, giving his pieces a rich color palette. His Lake Tahoe art has a very distinct style which has been described as a mixture of abstract expressionism, impressionism, and avant garde. 

Despite the many names and labels Flohr’s work has been given by art aficionados, Flohr insists a piece of art doesn’t have to have a deep or dense meaning to be enjoyable. He simply seeks to replicate the beauty that he sees in nature on canvas. 

Colorful painting of a sunset over Lake Tahoe entitled Catching the Colors Together by Rolinda Stotts.

Rolinda Stotts: Perfectly Imperfect Nature Scenes

Nature is beautiful, but it is not pristine and unblemished. Leaves fall, branches break, and there is an endless cycle of growth and decay. Stotts’s style emulates the perfectly imperfect cycles of nature in her artfully distressed scenes of Lake Tahoe and other elements of nature. 

Her Lake Tahoe paintings are usually comprised of acrylic painted on board, which she then cracks and intentionally damages at the very end of the process. The result is a leaf-like crackling and bark-like texture that looks like the very subjects it represents. Stotts’s Lake Tahoe art is unique and highly sought-after by locals and collectors alike. 

Animated gif of an abstract copper sculpture that turns in the wind entitled Agave by Lyman Whitaker.

Lyman Whitaker’s Wind Sculptures: A Quintessential Tahoe Art Landmark

No list of Lake Tahoe art would be complete without the work of Lyman Whitaker. While his subject matter does not feature the lake itself, Whitaker’s work adorns our very own Marcus Ashley Gallery, where it greets thousands of visitors from around the world.

The Tahoe breeze brings these sculptures to life, and they’re best perceived in motion. The rotating effects give these sculptures an impressive illusory effect, creating a hypnotic infinite animation. We’re proud that these sculptures are the first incredible sight our visitors see when they enter our gallery.

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The only place where you can see all of these Lake Tahoe paintings, photographs, and other artworks in one place is at Marcus Ashley Gallery. Located in the heart of South Lake Tahoe, our gallery is impressive not only for its size, but also for the range of contemporary and classic artists we host. Art lovers of all ages can enjoy the variety of our collection.

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