Moonlight Magic


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“Moonlight Magic” by Rolinda Stotts is an original mixed media artwork that showcases a rich tapestry of blues captured in a tall, slim canvas, invoking the enchanting allure of a moonlit night. From the top, the deep navy blues represent the night sky at its zenith, dark and mysterious, holding the secrets of the universe. As the eye travels down the canvas, the blues become lighter and more vibrant, akin to the way moonlight dances and plays on the water’s surface or filters through the night air.

The textured surface of the artwork, created through Stotts’ unique mixed media approach, adds depth and complexity to the piece. The irregular patterns and lines resemble the natural marbling of minerals or the delicate fractures in ice, lending an organic and tactile feel to the work.

This piece, “Moonlight Magic,” is an ode to the nocturnal beauty that bathes the world in a different light. It speaks of the quiet moments under the moon’s glow, where thoughts turn reflective, and the heart feels the ancient pull of lunar mystique. It would serve as a striking and contemplative addition to any space, inviting viewers to ponder the quiet grace of the world after dusk and the soft enchantments that come when the moon reigns supreme in the sky.