Dance Dance Revolution


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“Dance Dance Revolution” is an evocative triptych by Rolinda Stotts, brilliantly showcasing her signature Bella Rotta technique. This method, translating to “beautifully broken,” involves a meticulous process of layering and distressing materials to achieve a rich, textured surface that imparts a sense of history and depth to the artwork.

In this mesmerizing triptych, Stotts captures the dynamic interplay of light and color in a serene forest setting. The three panels together reveal a grove of slender, white-barked trees dancing gracefully under a canopy of lush foliage. The Bella Rotta technique amplifies the natural beauty of the scene, with cracked textures and layered paints creating an almost three-dimensional effect.

The central panel serves as the focal point, where the largest trees stand proudly, their branches reaching upwards and outwards. The left and right panels extend the scene, depicting a harmonious continuation of the forest with more trees in various stages of growth, their white trunks standing out against the vibrant backdrop.

The artwork bursts with color, featuring a palette of greens, purples, blues, and yellows that bring the forest to life. The light filtering through the leaves casts dappled shadows on the ground, and a tranquil stream meanders through the scene, adding a sense of movement and tranquility.

“Dance Dance Revolution” is a celebration of nature’s vitality and the joyous rhythm of life. This piece invites viewers to lose themselves in its vibrant scenery and to feel the dance of the trees and the whisper of the breeze. Perfect for art lovers who appreciate both the beauty of nature and the innovation of artistic techniques, this triptych will be a stunning addition to any collection.