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“On the Go” is a whimsical yet thought-provoking sculpture by artist Paul Lotz, capturing the essence of movement and consequence within the context of capitalism and industrialism. This artwork features a character, representing the relentless push of industrial progress, driving a train that spirals down towards a game board base.

The character, dressed as a businessman complete with a top hat, seems to be racing through the sculpture, symbolically bursting through town. This figure could represent the aggressive pursuit of wealth and progress, often at the expense of societal and moral considerations.

The train, a classic symbol of the industrial age, is intricately designed, with its front grill and wheels suggesting a powerful, unstoppable force, which could be interpreted as the advance of industrial capitalism. The train’s path winds down to a base made up of game board spaces, reminiscent of Monopoly, which cleverly underscores the game-like nature of economic competition and the risks involved.

Notably, the “GO” arrow, typically a symbol of reward in the game, is pointed downwards, adding a layer of irony. This artistic choice hints at the potential downfall of those who play the game of capitalism recklessly—suggesting that even as one might believe they are advancing, the consequence of unethical behavior could be a rapid decline.

“On the Go” by Paul Lotz is a striking piece that blends playful imagery with a serious critique of economic systems. It would serve as an engaging conversation starter in any space, inviting contemplation on the themes of progress, greed, and the cyclical nature of societal and economic systems.