Ode To Amelia Earhart


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“In life she traveled over the oceans,
Wrapped in a whirlwind of human emotions.

Her life cut short by a world of war.
Left her empty yet still needing more.

By wonders above a spirit approached,
In the shape of a pelican and not a ghost.

He said, “My dear , I will fly you forever,
Because of your passion, I take this endeavor.

Two friends I will bring to help on our flight,
A monkey to fish and feed me by night.

The second a cat so during the day,
My eyes he holds open. Awake I will stay.

Now load up your gear and climb aboard,
Together we fly…”

And on they soared.”

-Paul Lotz

“Ode to Amelia Earhart” is an evocative bronze sculpture by Paul Lotz that celebrates the adventurous spirit and pioneering achievements of the famed aviator Amelia Earhart. This sculpture is a fusion of the whimsical and the inspirational, featuring a character joyfully riding atop a pelican, symbolizing flight and exploration.

The figure at the helm, with a hand outstretched towards the sky, captures the essence of Earhart’s determination and her fearless pursuit of the unknown. The pelican, a bird known for its impressive wingspan and capability to soar great distances, serves as a metaphor for Earhart’s own long-distance flights.

Lotz’s sculpture is rich in detail, from the texture of the bird’s feathers to the contented expressions of the figures, encapsulating a sense of motion and freedom. The smooth, flowing lines of the support structure emulate the grace of flight, while the polished base grounds the piece with a touch of modern elegance.

“Ode to Amelia Earhart” is a tribute not only to Earhart’s legacy but also to the boundless curiosity and bravery of those who dare to dream. This piece would resonate with collectors who appreciate art that commemorates historical figures and the indomitable human spirit.

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