Gift of Wonder


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Print that is signed and numbered by the artist.

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“This may be the most misunderstood painting I’ve ever done. The angel portrayed here is controversial to many. The fact that she is pregnant does not prove her unworthiness as an angel. One only has to look at her face to realize that, like her human counterparts, pregnancy is the greatest joy and her gift of wonder.” – Michael Parkes

There’s something magical about walking into the Marcus Ashley Gallery and being surrounded by some of the greatest works of art under one roof. Visitors get to peruse the gallery’s marvelous Michael Parkes art, which touches on enigmatic and extraordinary themes that will leave you coming back for more.

In Gift of Wonder, the artist paints a pregnant angel basking in the warm daylight. Parkes invites viewers into a realm where angels, like humans, embrace the blessings of motherhood. The artist’s subject expresses wonder and joy at the imminent arrival of her little cherub.

Gift of Wonder reveals a blend of jewel tones and cool hues highlighting the angel’s majestic features. Parkes invites us to explore unfamiliar, perplexing perspectives that may make one feel uncomfortable at first. Once you open your mind and heart, you’ll find that this litho print is a masterpiece in and of itself.