That Special Place


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“That Special Place” by Mackenzie Thorpe is an original pastel on paper artwork that extends beyond its physical dimensions, inviting the viewer into a scene of introspective solitude. The composition is thoughtfully balanced, with a sense of quiet drama that unfolds within a landscape at once familiar and enchanting.

In the foreground, two wooden posts stand as silent guardians framing the scene, their purpose a mystery that adds depth and narrative to the piece. Beyond, a lone figure on a jetty reaches toward the water, engaged in a tranquil activity that might be fishing or perhaps simply enjoying the gentle caress of the water’s surface.

The misty backdrop, where the forest meets the water, is rendered in a palette of soft, muted tones, suggesting the coolness of early morning or the fading light of dusk. The trees, veiled in a hazy glow, are witness to countless such moments, timeless and steadfast. The reflective surface of the water doubles the beauty of the scene, offering a dreamlike quality that blurs the line between the tangible and the imagined.

“That Special Place” is a piece that speaks to the sanctuaries we seek or stumble upon in the natural world, where we find peace and a sense of belonging. It would resonate with collectors who look for art that provides a window to a serene world, offering respite from the bustling pace of life. This artwork would not only be a captivating addition to a collection but also a source of daily inspiration and contemplation.